A Day in the SYSCO Kitchen

Last week we were invited to SYSCO in Los Angeles to cook our Hollywood Fries for their team.  Our cooking method was simple:


1. Wash the potato

Hollywood Fries Washed


2. Peel the potato (some we left with the skin on)

3. Cut the potato

4. Fry the potatoes for about 5 minutes


5. Toss with sea salt (the fries on the left have the skin on and the fries on the right were peeled)

Tossed with sea salt


Those who tried our Hollywood Fries were amazed that there was no blanching necessary and nothing was added to the fries except for a little bit of sea salt.  Numerous people commented how our Hollywood Fries tasted just like In & Out Fries and came back for seconds and thirds.  Also popular was the Tornado Potato we made to demonstrate different ways the Hollywood Fries can be served at restaurants.

Tornado Potato



While there, we shared with their marketing team what makes the Hollywood Fries perfect for frying and were able to demonstrate how they consistently fry light and don’t absorb as much oil as other fries.  We emphasized that Hollywood Fries can be used for all sorts of different fries such as garlic fries, chili cheese fries, nacho fries, and even chips!


We would like to thank SYSCO for their continued support with our Hollywood Fries program!


Group Picture

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