The Potato Specially Developed To Produce Superior Tasting French Fries Now Available Year-Round

Progressive Produce Partnered with Growers to Develop The Perfect Frying Potato for Consistently Exceptional French Fries.

Hollywood Fries potatoes come from a unique seed variety that creates a denser potato. As a result, it has an appealing texture that absorbs very little oil, which makes for healthier fries that stay crisp, light and flavorful. The potatoes also have low sugar content, allowing them to fry up to a light, golden brown. “Once someone tries Hollywood Fries, there’s no going back to ordinary French fries,” said Jack Gyben, Vice President of Progressive Produce. “Whether prepared by first-timers or gourmet chefs, these fries are absolutely irresistible and consumers can tell the difference.”

Gyben said that the introduction of Hollywood Fries will serve the growing number of restaurants choosing to make fries from real potatoes instead of frozen. “We saw a number of suppliers who tried to accommodate the need, but we discovered that the level of product quality and consistency was sorely lacking. Different varieties from different growers from different parts of the country made it difficult for restaurants to receive consistent product day in and out.” Progressive Produce found seed varieties that would consistently fry up light, crispy and tasty, then worked with growers to produce the special frying potato at different times of the year to ensure a year-round supply. The Hollywood Fries brand was developed to give buyers the confidence of ordering a consistent, reliable product that provides their customers the same high quality, time after time.

The response to the product in limited markets has been very good and the demand has continued to grow.

Hollywood Fries are marketed by Progressive Produce, conveniently and centrally located in Los Angeles and Edison, California, and Quincy, Washington — working to bring the finest fresh produce to the public across the United States.

Jessica and Cory

When talking to Jessica and Cory it is safe to say they are both, at the end of the day, simply fans of Hollywood Fries and great food in general. Both are young, energetic and very knowledgeable about what it takes to grow, distribute and prepare Hollywood Fries. However, when pressured, they both admitted they really just want new recipes to try for themselves! Jessica and Cory hope to meet and get to know many of you in the future but for now we felt you should know a little bit about them.

Jessica joined the Progressive Produce team in 2009 after completing her graduate degree. She has a passion for learning and enjoys educating others - especially when it comes to Hollywood Fries!
Having been an avid French fry lover for as long as she can remember, nothing compares to when she tried her first Hollywood Fry. She is extremely excited to get this blog started and looks forward to sharing recipes, fun facts, and stories all about Hollywood Fries.

Cory has been working for Progressive Produce for just over 4 years and has been a big fan of Hollywood Fries for nearly as long. Cory recalls his mom complaining that the only potatoes she could get him to eat before he turned 10 were French fries! He graduated from the University of Southern California in 2009 and feels fortunate to have found his way into the produce industry immediately after as a sales manager for Progressive. He is really excited to spread the conversation about Hollywood Fries and discover all the interesting ways they are being prepared around the country.