Potato Facts

The United States Potato Board publishes reports regarding potato usage and they recently published a study about potato usage in Foodservice in 2013.  I was looking through it and it had some interesting results about what is being ordered at restaurants. 


Did you know that French fries account for 63% of all potato orders in restaurants? Hashbrowns are more important in Midscale Restaurants (i.e., IHOP, Denny’s, etc.).  Lucky for you, Hollywood Fries make the perfect French fries and also make delicious hashbrowns!

Total Foodservice

French fry servings are seasonal, peaking in Q2 and Q3:

French Fry Seasonality

French fries also maintain an 18% share of total foodservice visits, with the hamburger category accounting for 75% of all fry servings in Quick Service Restaurants (i.e., Wendy’s).


A separate segment was dedicated to the habits of Millennials, which showed that the only potato product that hasn’t declined are chips.  As you know, our Hollywood Fries can also be used to make chips.



One of the key takeaways from this study, is that depending on which age group your business is targeting, our Hollywood Fries can satisfy the current trend.  Whether it be French fries, hash browns, or Chips – our product does it all!


Tune in later for more potato facts!

- Jessica

Source: The United States Potato Board

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