The Vine Restaurant and Bar in San Clemente

San Clemente, CA – On a beautiful sunny day, walking along El Camino Real Street and admiring how peaceful the ocean looked, I walked into The Vine Restaurant and enjoyed some of the best French Fries. 

Vine Restaurant

There I met Jared Cook – he has been cooking professionally for the last 10 years, having used Hollywood Fries for the last year.

Jared Cook

The first time he used Hollywood Fries he realized instantly that they were the perfect potato for frying.  “They stay crispy longer and achieve the perfect golden brown a fry should have!” notes Cook.  He feels that what makes Hollywood Fries better than other potatoes is that the size of the potato lends itself to long, beautiful fries and that the starch content is perfect for frying.  The fries never get too dark, achieve a perfect crispness every time and stay crisp longer. 

Vine French Fries

The Vine has received recognition in various articles for their fries and customers happily return frequently to the restaurant.  Cook’s favorite use for Hollywood Fries is pairing it with The Vine’s signature Wine Country Burger – “Perfect fries for a perfect burger.”  To other Chef’s considering switching to Hollywood Fries, Cook would like to tell them that “this might be the most important decision you have made in your entire life ever!”


The Vine Restaurant was’s Diners’ Choice Winner in 2013 and one of Orange County’s Top 10 Wine Bars in 2014.   You can visit their website at: to learn more about what they have to offer. 

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